I Peacefully Withdraw My Consent

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When in the course of a sovereign, free-born man’s life it becomes necessary for one to dissolve the political bands which have connected him to a government and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature entitle him, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that one should declare the causes which impel him to separation.

As such a sovereign individual, I hereby declare my peaceful withdrawal of consent to the lying, thieving, murderous political entity known as the United States of America. I hold these cosmic truths to be self-evident – That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the laws of nature to certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property and Happiness. That to secure these very basic natural human rights, Governments have supposedly been instituted among people, deriving their allegedly just powers from the Consent of the Governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is my Right and the Right of all persons to alter or to ABOLISH it, and institute NO government, laying the foundation for a free and independent society based on the rule of Natural Law and fostering the unbridled pursuit toward self-actualization.

This government from which I now withdraw my consent derives all power not from the consent of the governed, but ultimately by the force of superior firepower. All actions undertaken by said government are thus rooted in violence and therefore illegal, immoral, and hold no true authority. As a peaceful individual adhering to the non-aggression principle, I do not advocate for nor condone the use of violence except in cases of true self-defense. True authority derives from the full, voluntary consent of those governed. This government no longer is concerned with, and regularly flouts, the will of the people and chooses instead to enforce its myriad abuses against Natural Law via threats of violence and the absolute denial of all Rights through incarceration or execution. This government has used its illegitimate monopoly in the use of violence to carry out a train of abuses that have denied the protections of Natural Law from the moment it was created.

This government has used its superior force of arms to deny the workers of this country the full fruits of their labor, and use these stolen funds to enrich politically-connected persons and corporate interests. It does this both directly through enforcement of confiscatory taxation, and indirectly by the creation of money via the Federal Reserve and banking systems which erodes every dollar holder’s purchasing power through the less-noticed but more pernicious effects of systematized inflation. This confiscation has funded further restrictions on trade activity between free individuals through the use of taxes, labor laws, and intellectual property laws, protecting large business interests at the expense of smaller, independent, and responsible entrepreneurs who are the true driving force behind actual competition and economic growth in a free society. It has enriched large banking institutions through manipulation of the supply of a fiat currency that is backed not by anything of value but the superior force of arms of the United States government. It has served to destroy private land ownership and the ecology of the land. It has promoted reckless use of credit, resulting in a state of affairs where citizens are made beholden to the demigods of finance for life – wage slaves exhausting themselves to simply avoid threats of violence and confiscation of their property at the hands of government agents– while the politically connected and powerful benefit.

This government has embarked upon numerous immoral and disastrous social programs that have done nothing to lift those mired in poverty from their station, have undermined private charity endeavors, and increased the numbers of people dependent upon and thus beholden to the government for providing the most basic needs of human life. It has funded a dangerous and failing transportation system that every day endangers the lives of millions of people forced to use these inadequate accommodations. It has operated an education system that has eliminated the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit and has indoctrinated generations of people to the causes of government, creating unthinking, compliant sheep willingly offering their throats to the wolves of government agents. It has funded so-called public health endeavors that have degraded the general health of the people through harmful dietary suggestions and food safety laws that benefit those companies providing the least healthful foods and possessing the worst food safety records; it has promoted harmful surgical and pharmaceutical non-remedies for illnesses caused in part by the dietary suggestions and food laws themselves, directly benefiting insurance companies and the so-called health care industry at the expense of effective, less expensive, and less harmful natural remedies, and further degrading the overall health of the people.

This government has waged an illegal, immoral, and destructive War on Drugs, which has incarcerated millions of people for the non-crime of selling, ingesting, or being in possession of a substance meant for personal consumption, which is in itself not a violation of any other person’s Natural Rights. This war has wrought physical and economic destruction both domestically and across the world. It has protected the interests of violent foreign regimes and violent drug lords both foreign and domestic. It has helped perpetuate the violence rife within our cities. Agents of this war have systematically and regularly abused the rights of the people to enforce their illegitimate authority to regulate that which a person chooses to put into his own body.

This government has used its military not to defend the nation, but to secure corporate interests abroad and to enrich the manufacturers of the instruments of war. It has denigrated the use of diplomacy and has continually engaged in belligerent pre-emptive acts of war. It has used deception to sell wars to the public as defensive actions promoting liberty abroad that are nothing more than corporate land-grabs that kill innocent civilians, destroy property, and promote despotism and oppression of foreign peoples. It has waged war on unarmed, innocent civilians. It has spent large sums to promote a perpetual state of war and a global empire that serves no defensive function. It maintains military bases in over 100 countries; these bases have no legitimate defensive use, exist upon land stolen from the people of the nation upon which it sits, destroy local economy and ecology, and are a direct threat to the sovereignty of the native people. The soldiers in these bases are the vanguard of the largest, most destructive empire that has existed in the history of mankind.

This government has waged a domestic War of Terror upon its own citizens. It has violently suppressed peaceful, voluntary actions of the people and nonviolent protests to its illegitimate authority. It has expanded the powers of existing agencies and created numerous additional agencies to enforce the violations of our Natural Rights in the PATRIOT and other acts, creating a police state in which no activity is private and all are expected to forfeit their Rights in the interest of security. It has established illegal checkpoints on roads far from the nation’s borders. It has recorded private communications between civilians. It has promoted the use of spy devices of all sorts in cities. It has launched unmanned surveillance drones on domestic soil. It has obtained in secret the private financial records of the people. Local, state, and transit police show no regard for the rights of citizens, and have become increasingly militarized and violent in their enforcement of the law. Law enforcement officers, district attorneys, and judges increasingly have shown disdain toward and intimidated those few that are aware of and strong enough to insist upon their rights. The government has incarcerated citizens for extended periods of time without the protections of the law. It has established the power of the president to order the execution without due process of law of any person under the mere suspicion that the person may pose a threat, however remote, to the illegitimate power the government has assumed for itself.

By peacefully withdrawing my consent to this illegitimate, immoral authority, I declare that I am a free and sovereign individual by right of my birth. My body is wholly mine and mine alone. Any attempt to regulate the foods or substances I place into my body will be viewed as illegitimate and ignored. The thoughts and ideas in my mind are mine for free expression and not subject to any regulation restricting such freedom. Any attempt to suppress my freedom to express whatever thoughts I may have will be viewed as illegitimate and ignored. Since my body is mine alone, all gainful activity I perform is mine alone, and the fruits I receive as a result of such activity is mine alone and not subject to theft or confiscation by any entity. Any attempt to take a portion or whole of any of these fruits will be viewed as an illegitimate act of aggressive violence. I also assume, as a free and sovereign individual, the power to defend myself from aggressive action.

By peacefully withdrawing my consent, I refuse to support or condone any activity which the United States government undertakes that serves to further erode the freedoms of people in this nation and abroad. I will associate myself with like-minded individuals to promote true freedom and liberty to all persons. I will assist any PEACEFUL action against the government to protect and strengthen the rule of Natural Law in the face of violent, aggressive action. I will use my talents and resources to further the message of Liberty in the face of daily violent oppression.

By peacefully withdrawing my consent, I will not simply obey any violation of Natural Law which the government attempts to enforce. Any perceived obedience to any law of the United States government is solely the action of a rational man submitting to an authority possessing superior firepower. It is only under duress that I obey any edict which this illegitimate yet superior authority attempts to enforce.

In peacefully withdrawing my consent, I also invite all free-born, sovereign individuals to take similar action. It is only through the creation of sovereign minds that one can strive toward a day when all life, property, and freedoms are protected not by the force of arms but through respect of Natural Law and the legitimate exercise of such law.


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